Refrigeration Installation, Repair

Whether it is the latest model in the market or an old one, we can fix it to your satisfaction. Commercial refrigerator repair is our forte. Our refrigeration services range from coming up with innovative refrigeration systems to maintaining and improving existing ones. We also provide our clients with safety management functions. What’s more is that our cooler repair services are available at all times due to our 24-hour emergency service.


Installation, Service & Repair

Routine or regular check-ups will help prevent refrigeration breakdowns, but emergencies can happen at any given time. Accidents do not give a warning. If that happens, do not think twice. Give us a call immediately to avert instances of additional damages. The sooner you notify us, the sooner more materials can be saved to avoid massive losses.

Breakdowns affect the food industry most as food is perishable. Storing food and ingredients at the wrong temperatures can cause harm to the consumers. Spoilt food can ruin the reputation of your business. That is why emergency refrigeration repairs are vital.

Other specialized commercial refrigeration services you can get from us are emergency repair and installation, walk in coolers/ ice machines, refrigeration maintenance and new unit installation for rooftops up to 25 tons.

Benefits of using us for commercial Refrigeration repair:

  • We are licensed, certified and insured.
  • We have vast experience in commercial refrigeration.
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We repair refrigeration items like:
  • Ice machines
  • Commercial coolers
  • Commercial freezers
  • Walk in coolers
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Refrigerator display cases
Samples of Refrigeration projects performed by Eskimo HVAC & Refrigeration Inc.